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Know how to ride in japan

How to Ride

To hire a bike

List of shops you can hire a road bike, mountain bike or E-bike in Japan

To buy a bike

You can buy a rare Japanese Brand Road Bike or used bikes in reasonable price. 

It is up to you to take it home or re-sell before you leave Japan. You can find tips here.

To transport a bike

It might be too long to ride all the way to travel from one place to another. No worries, you can take your bike with you by train to anywhere. Here is how.

Where to Ride

Highly recommend to ride on the National Cycle Route. There are 6 routes approved by Japanese Government as the National Cycle Route to promote world-class cycling routes in Japan to attract domestic and international tourists. The National Cycle Route is designed to provide riding environment anyone can ride safely and conformably. 

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